In March I returned from completing my Rapid Eye Technician in-person training.  Wow, it was an incredible training with amazing people!  Our trainers were Lynell Beckstrom and Jill Whitley and they were both amazing.  The energy was almost overwhelming as we worked to learn and lift our own lights and vibrations to higher levels.  It was hard to leave and return to the daily vibration that is my life.  This experience has changed so many things in my life as I continue my efforts to seek the light, to seek the energy that helps me to know that I am enough, that I am unique, beautiful, special, known, loved and gifted.  As soon as I type this sentence I begin to reject it, questioning my own right to celebrate me.  This questioning is not the light I seek.  Am I perfect?  I am not.  Am I infallible?  I am not.  Am I striving for excellence?  Yes I am.  Have I achieved it?  No, I have not.  Do I believe I can?  You bet I do.  You see, it’s a matter of perspective – I know all of these things and I trust that opportunities, people and events will unfold to make me all that I believe I am, and more.  I don’t need to know the way, I just need to know my destination.  Where is your trip leading you?  Who is moulding your path?