I’ve been thinking about things I could share with you that might be of benefit in your life.  Each of us has our own specific trials and challenges but sometimes an experience I have may have applicability in your life.  That’s one of our jobs while we are here – to bless each other’s lives.  My husband Tom and I were blessed to go to Hawaii in 2014 – a week in Maui and a week in Kauai.  While in Kauai I noticed a small building attached to a house beside our timeshare and saw their sign advertising energy balancing, among other things.  I was curious and so stopped by one morning before heading out for the day to ask about their technique.  I connected with Lily Eden.  She tried explaining to me what she did and I had to laugh as I could understand the difficulty in verbally explaining energy work.  She invited me to come for a session with her.  I told her I didn’t think I could but that it would be nice.  She challenged me by asking if I really did want to come for a session and I said yes, I did but my time was not my own as I was with other people, etc.  She looked at me and said “if you really do want to come here, see yourself here and it will happen”.  I laughed because they are very similar words I have said to so many others.  I told her I’d said that before and we both laughed.  I started to walk away and again she said, “you know, sometimes you have to do something for yourself”.  Again I laughed and asked her if some of my clients had called her in advance as I had also heard that more than once.  I walked away, quite certain I would not be back.  During the day I began to think about what Lily had said to me and how true her words were and then I thought about the fact that I was in Kauai and I could not believe that I would actually pass up the opportunity to have a different experience purely because I chose not to take advantage of it.  So, back I went to this little building to make an appointment.  I remembered Lily’s name so I asked to have my appointment with her.  It was set.  When I went to the appointment Lily put me at ease immediately and thus began my totally interesting, challenging, life-changing, cathartic experience.  It would be a small novella to tell you everything but one of the interesting things I can share that may be beneficial in your life is our discussion about forgiveness.  One of the questions she asked me was if I had forgiven those I perceived had hurt me in my life.  I had not.  She suggested an interesting way to forgive.  She suggested that I come home and write a letter to each of the people I felt I needed to forgive, not elaborating on the wrong but only on the fact that I had forgiven them, that I released them to their own path and that I wished them well on their way.  Then, after writing all the letters, I needed to take the letters and burn them, again voicing out loud my forgiveness and sending them on their own way.  It was a very interesting experience and some of the letters came more easily than others.  Before I had the opportunity to burn the letters I was going through some old personal records and came across an old memory I recorded and thoughts I had about the person who have given me the gift in that old memory.  I had completely forgotten about that experience and the gift that had been given to me.  This person was one of the main people I had written a forgiveness letter to.  I realized then that each of the people who I felt had hurt me had also given me a gift.  I just no longer remembered the gift because I let the hurt replace or supercede it.  I went back to the forgiveness letters and at the bottom of each letter I wrote a PS: thanking them for the gift they had also given me. They may have made me more resilient, more independent, they may have given me a gift no other person could.  It completely changed my perspective.  Did Lily intend for that to happen, perhaps not.  But it did happen.  I realized that every time something negative happens in my life, there is a gift attached.  There is a jewel beneath the rock.  Have you chosen to look for the jewel or have you allowed yourself to be tripped up and waylaid by the rock?