Over the last few months I’ve been reflecting on my work and ways I can more productively use my training to help others. Early this year I was trained in “telephone” Rapid Eye therapy (RET) and have not yet really invested my time in perfecting this method for me and for my clients. I’ve recognized that I cannot get better at anything, without practice. So, in that vein, I have devised a way for me to get more practice, and you to get the deal. I think it’s a win/win.

Here’s my deal – I am offering an SSPT (Single Situation Processing Technique) session for a mere $50.00. This session is created to deal with a ‘single situation’ you may be facing right now in your life that is causing grief, pain, fear, anger, or any myriad of emotions keeping you stuck and unable to move ahead. Normally my RET sessions are $100.00 per hour so this is a significant saving. While I prefer “telephone” sessions to help strengthen my skills in that area, I am willing to offer this same deal for in-person SSPT sessions. Interested? I’ll look forward to working with you through this amazing technique. This special won’t last long – so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it.