Welcome New Year!  What an amazing time to begin your process of change.  To recognize your thoughts create your world.  If you think positive thoughts, create positive energy in your life and view the experiences you have without judgement and simply as opportunities to learn you draw positive energy to you and your life moves forward in a positive way.  If you think negative thoughts you draw negative energy and events into your life.  Your body, your brain and your mind exist to answer your needs, your desires and your expectations.  Nothing exists without first being a thought, once you support that thought with energy – positive or negative – the intention moves forward and your energy will dutifully bring all events to support your intention.  Think of the days you think that everything is going wrong and you wonder if anything can ever go right.  Recognize right now that when something difficult occurs you can choose to acknowledge it, allow the negative emotion to pass through you and focus on what you’ve learned, make it a positive acknowledgment and move forward.  Like a magnet and iron filings your filings can be positive or negative – either can be drawn to you.  Where is your energy focused and what thoughts drive your life.  Is it time to change?