Appointment Scheduling & Fees

Light Force©

This work is completed via telephone.

First: Schedule a free 30 minute initial consult call to make sure we are right for each other. Then choose one of the following packages:

Package 1: 6-50 minute calls, scheduled once per week for six weeks for a cost of $650.00

Package 2: 3-50 minute calls, scheduled once per week for 3 weeks for a cost of $375.00


Complete Energy Balancing™ or SimplyHealed™

At the client’s discretion work can be done on the following basis:

  • in-person
  • distance
  • via Skype or FaceTime
  • combination of distance and in-person

On distance work I complete the session (usually 30 minutes – though it can stretch to an hour) and provide a written report or a voice recording to the client, at the client’s discretion. In-person sessions usually last at least an hour.

Both in-person and distance sessions have their pros and cons. In-person sessions afford an opportunity to discuss the information found and discuss additional questions that may come up during the session. The disadvantage to this session is that less work will be accomplished because of the discussion components and the per session price will have the potential to be higher if the session extends longer.

Distance sessions are beneficial in that there is no discussion component. The work done is initiated by the client’s energy and/or the client’s own direction prior to the session, in an email or telephone conversation, as to issues currently causing them difficulty. The disadvantage is that there is no discussion component during the session and clients may feel they would have liked additional information that I did not gather at the time of the session. Of course questions can always be posed after the fact.

In-person can be paid at time of service.  Distance work must be paid in advance.

  • $40.00 for 30 minutes inclusive of GST
  • Current prepay special – $210.00 for 6-30 minute blocks of time, inclusive of GST

Life Coaching

  • $100.00 per 60 minute block of time inclusive of GST


  • $130.00 per 60 minute block of time (includes recording of the hypnosis session) inclusive of GST

Rapid Eye Components

  • $125.00 per 60 minute block of time or as arranged for classroom settings, inclusive of GST

Methods of payment accepted:  cash, money order, e-transfer and credit card (with an additional charge for processing the credit card)

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