Welcome to Complete Energy Balancing™

The work of Complete Energy Balancing™ is unique.  I have been blessed with a gift to feel and “hear” the trapped energies, emotions, pains and traumas within others.  Through the universal energy field to which we all connect, I am blessed to connect with my client’s energy, pose questions designed to gather information, and through intention provide direction and correction, allowing release, balance, alignment and reconnection as directed by the client’s energy.  I use muscle testing, and intuition to “hear” the things I need to hear and do the work I need to do.  While a belief in God, or any religious belief, is not necessary for this work to be successful, I must say that it is my belief that I am simply the voice and have been given the ability to question and hear.  The true healing is a gift from God.  I am not the healer, I am the facilitator and I trust His blessings are according to His plan.

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