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Light Force. More than just release. More than just energy. More than just words. This is a combination of all my modalities, my gifts and our words that move mountains never before scaled. Together, we see your Life Force and it is beautiful!

I’ve worked with clients over the last 10 years. I recognize that each modality has very specific and important benefits. I also recognize that many times we need more than a simple release, alignment or shift. We need to align our minds, our focus and our light on the goals and change we desire to achieve. We can’t always do it on our own.

Working with individuals with a wide variety of challenges and needs has given me an opportunity to recognize I can do more to help, more to lift and certainly more to bring light.

Using Light Force we work together, during a 50 minute session, to move toward achievable goals. We use discussion, perspective shifting, mental imagery, goal setting, all my modalities, and your imagination to create the person you desire to be.

When you see your Light Force shine you are reminded, nothing is impossible. Are you ready to put your Light Force in motion? Join me.

Taking advantage of this great opportunity is easy. Schedule a free 30 minute initial consult call to make sure we are right for each other. Then, consider two package options.

Package 1: 6-50 minute calls, scheduled once per week for six weeks for a cost of $650.00

Package 2: 3-50 minute calls, scheduled once per week for 3 weeks for a cost of $375.00

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