About My Work & Processes

Many people I work with tell me that they’ve experienced energy work before and don’t need any explanations. I accept that. What I want to share here is that I believe each person who does energy work does that work with a perspective borne of their particular talents and gifts, in conjunction with learned methods. I believe each session, with a different provider, will look and feel differently.

My process starts by engaging with your energy to ascertain the best process for you, at that time. Your energy may choose Complete Energy Balancing, SimplyHealed Method®, Rapid Eye Technology, or MyM, which is my work utilizing all that I know, and is based on a combination of all my modality-based training as well as my own gifts and talents. My goal is to follow the energy for the best outcome for my client. I don’t always need to understand it to accept that there is something that needs to be healed, released, balanced or any other instruction my client’s energy directs.

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