My Work – MyM

This is a new addition to my services that has really brought a whole new level of work effectiveness and growth. This work unfolds using my gifts, in conjunction with all of the other modalities and reading I have undertaken, and through people with whom I’ve been blessed to work. It’s difficult to quantify here exactly because it seems to be changing and evolving each day, with each client. One of the newest components of it comes from a book called “M:Collaborations with the Divine Doctor” written by Jaclyn Taylor. This work really opened my mind to the opportunities to use frequencies, and to recognize the gifts in releasing without judgement. I have taken the information in this book, along with all of my other modalities, utilizing intent and being willing to follow the energy, and the results are quite exciting. Each time I work with a client, the client’s energy is given an opportunity to choose the best modality for their work, at that time. MyM is an energetically preferred choice and certainly brings everything to the table.

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