When you talk to yourself, is it with love, with light, with a lifting life force? Are you where you’d like to be, right now, in this time and space of your life? Do you find yourself facing the same lessons over and over, wondering why you can’t move on, why you keep going back, why you are stuck in a rut of sameness?

In my work and my own life experience, I’ve come to learn that we need more light. Different modalities bring different opportunities to move the energy in our lives to higher frequencies and our lives to greater heights.

I recognize that no one process has all the answers. We need healing from a conscious, a subconscious and an unconscious level. We can remove negative energy and emotions that plague us, and sometimes that’s all that’s needed. When it’s not, a conscious shift is needed to cement the new information. It can be challenging to do that alone. We may struggle to see outside our rut of impossibility and limiting beliefs. When we can’t see ourselves as we’d like to be, it’s difficult to change our mindset to one of growth and progression.

Clearing trapped emotions, self-defeating and painful images we play over and over in our minds, limiting beliefs that remind us over and over that we aren’t enough, generational patterns and stagnant energy. All serve to hold us back, hold us down, keep us afraid.

Harnessing our life force energy helps to propel us forward, into uncharted and rewarding territory. You can fly when you power your wings with the energy of light and purpose. Are you ready to take control of the energy in your life?