Energy unfolding

Become the Change you Seek

When you talk to yourself,
is it with love,
with light,
with a lifting life force?

Different modalities bring different opportunities to move the energy in our lives to higher frequencies and greater heights.

Different ways of lifting your vibrational frequencies can help you feel more invigorated, have better relationships with others, even find a new career path.


My Approach

We offer a variety of healing methods to help you clear, release and balance. We do this by following your energy’s guidance for the best outcomes possible!

We start the process with engaging in what feels right, at that moment. Your energy may choose CEB, SimplyALIGN Method®, Rapid Eye Technology or a combination  where we work using all available tools and skills while focusing on creating an experience tailored to meet your needs.

Our goal is always focused on supporting whatever it is you need most – whether it be understanding why common issues keep materializing; releasing emotions such as anger or guilt, fear or apathy; balancing all areas of your life. There are no limitations when following our client.



Honest Results

You can heal your life on a conscious, subconscious and unconscious level.

Many work on various methods to help themselves. We applaud personal work. Sometimes it helps to find someone who will help guide you through challenges and speed the healing process.

You may struggle with seeing outside yourself because there are limiting beliefs in place which can prevent growth. When we’re stuck in our old ways of thinking about ourselves – incapable of making progress- it becomes difficult to change our mindset from where we are now (limiting) to somewhere new (expanding).

Light Force©
Complete Energy Balancing™
Rapid Eye Technology (RET)

Where would you like to be, right now? Is it the place where reality meets your dreams? The answer is in this very moment.

Facing the same lessons over and over, wondering why you can’t move on, feeling stuck in a rut of sameness.

Clearing trapped emotions, self-defeating and painful images we play on repeat in our minds, limiting beliefs that remind us that we aren’t enough, generational patterns and stagnant energy. These all serve to hold us back from achieving what is for our highest good, by holding us down with fear of the unknown. Harnessing the power within yourself can propel you towards a new life where anything is possible. If only you believe it, deep in your heart as though no one else existed outside of yourself; put light at your side when building wings strong enough to fly higher than ever before once more! Are you ready?

Bring on the change! We can do it!


Every time, and I mean every single time, I’d have Cathy work in our behalf for any individual of our family we would see positive outcomes no matter what the issue. We take responsibility for our personal health but when we get “stuck”, Cathy helps us move through that hard part and back to our own self care. Thank you, Cathy!


When I first was introduced to Cathy and what she did, I truly was searching for answers in my own life to start my life-altering journey to my self awareness and how I could become a happier and more fulfilled person. I knew I had a lot of emotional “baggage” that I was needing to clear up in my life in order to move forward to my better version of myself both physically and emotionally. That is where my dear friend Cathy comes into play for me. I knew that it was divine intervention that lead me to her and that I was to connect with her in such a way that allowed me to trust her enough to share my deepest part of me that I truly was trying to hide from the world. But in order for me to benefit to the max with what Cathy offered, I had to trust her enough to allow her into my thoughts and feelings. It was one of the best moves I have every done as she has truly unleashed a lot of that negative attached emotions that I held onto from before I was even born! I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Cathy and seen the results I have from this wonderful and gifted woman. I would and still do, highly recommend Cathy to anyone that is wanting to change their life for the better!


Take The First Step!

I know the first few steps can be scary and hard. I am going to make it a little bit easier for you by offering you my expertise in your free no obligation consultation. Just click below, fill out some information about yourself, and then we will get started!