We are what we believe. Each thought we have has the power to build or break us. Throughout my life my energy has been challenged. I have had many experiences where I  gathered  negative energy and for many years I have carried this negative energy with me, allowing it to define who I was, allowing it to set my path, allowing it to defeat all that I am intended to be. We believe that we “let things go”, forgive, forget, all the platitudes we use to excuse away our hurts, bury our pains and keep putting one foot in front of another. One day we realize we can’t keep moving forward. We may have physical pain, emotional pain, psychological pain, anxiety, anger, emotional overload or any number of feelings that help us to know we are in need of help. We are suffering and our body, our brain and our mind are crying out for attention and relief.

I carried my pain in many external ways including but certainly not limited to, excess weight, anger and self-abuse.  I turned my back on my family and the life I knew was right for me to make my point, to search for an “undefinable peace”, to vent my rage in a myriad of ways injurious to myself and to others who cared about me.  Did the negative energy leave?  No, I simply gathered more.

After many years of searching and learning, questioning and stretching, altering my thoughts and ideas, looking once again to the God that gave me life.  I am receiving healing for myself through the blessing of finding and helping to heal the pain for others.  Miracles occur each day for those I am privileged to work with and it is amazing.  I am filled with gratitude and a true knowledge that God knows us personally, loves us unconditionally, blesses us more than we know and has a plan for each of us, knowing full well our weaknesses, our idiosyncrasies and our need for growth.