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Receiving coaching is a life-changing experience that dramatically improves one’s outlook on different aspects of life.

Coaches help people tap into their potential, heal, unlocking sources of creativity and productivity in their life.

A coach’s credentials make clients feel more assured about the coaching they are receiving by having proper certifications from those who have been through it themselves before guiding others to success.


Cathy Needham

Cathy Needham

Life Coach

Certified Practitioner

  • SimplyALIGN Method™
  • Complete Energy Balancing – Advanced Course

Life Coach with Distinction

Life Coaching Institute

Advanced RET Technician

Rapid Eye Institute

  • IRT
  • ERT
  • Skills for Life
  • Life Coach
  • Rapid Eye Technician

Holistic Reflexology

Certified Hypnotherapist

Hypnosis Training Institute of Alberta


  • Competent Communicator – Toastmasters International
  • Broadcast Journalism – Lethbridge College


I have this amazing client family who blesses my life each day.

Every one of them has been gracious in agreeing to share some of their experiences and the blessings they’ve enjoyed, through this work. The joy I get from hearing the happiness that others experience is indescribable; there’s no greater reward than being blessed by a smiling face as someone tells me about what it feels like to be free for once!

Thank you all so much for allowing me into your lives and healing process – without you guys, I don’t know where else I’d go with all these smiles on my mind!



May 2017

When I found Cathy I was struggling with severe chronic fatigue.

I had just gone onto an anti-depressant out of desperation even though I wasn’t convinced that I was depressed – I had just tried everything.

I’d been to doctors and all my blood work came back normal.

I had been to an Iridologist who had helped me in the past with a horrible pregnancy when nothing else worked.

I had been to some other therapies which have proven effective for me in the past but I had just hit a wall.

I was shut off from the world because of the severe fatigue and I didn’t know how I would survive another day running around after 2 kids under 4.

After my second session with Cathy I noticed an immediate difference physically and after the third session a miracle.

I worked from sunup to sundown without even batting an eyelash.

I cleaned my house from top to bottom, caught up on all the laundry that had built up in piles around the house for months and mowed the lawn, fed my family 3 meals, fed the girls 3 snacks in between and had the focus and desire to read after kids were in bed and I’m telling you I don’t think I’ve had energy like that for about 15 years.

There was so much groundedness within myself and I felt confident and able to move forward in so many aspects.

The depression that has come and gone before and with each baby has lifted, even when I’m tired I have the capacity to push myself to get the daily things done.

I have since gone off my antidepressants because they didn’t seem to agree with me since having this work done and I am stable and improving everyday.

I had my first Mother’s Day a week ago where I wasn’t a basket case of tears wondering if I had the strength to attend church.

I cannot count the ways that this work has blessed my inner life.

I have done some emotional release work like this before and have deeply believed in it but didn’t notice tangible results until I found Cathy.

I was a little hesitant to try her for the second time.

I didn’t notice huge results with the first session but I was determined to get to the root of the trauma that seemed to be giving me chronic health problems.

Intuitively I felt like I needed to try another session.

Since that second session I’ve had 3 more sessions with Cathy and have continued to notice healing in areas that I have struggled in for my entire life.

My husband notices huge changes in my ability to complete tasks that have overwhelmed me before to the point of panic attacks and depression, or raging out of frustration.

Honestly I can’t express how grateful I am to have found the work that Cathy does, paired with the gifts that she brings to these modalities, which allow her to move through a lot of issues in one half hour session.

She is fast! These sessions have affected all aspects of my life.

I’m telling everyone about it because I’m so thrilled.

Some people are skeptical but my husband sees how effective it has been for me and he is now taking sessions and seeing blocks being removed for career success and improved health. Even his severe allergies have improved.

Before his 2 sessions he couldn’t mow the lawn without his face swelling up and hacking a lung for the next 2 days. He just mowed the lawn for the first time in 5 years where he didn’t have an allergic reaction.

This work is effective and the results are tangible.


Lynell Beckstrom

March 2017

I have been Cathy Needham’s Trainer in both her Basic RET Certification and in her RET ADVANCED Trainings.

Rarely have I seen such expertise and precision in the eye directing device techniques and processes. Cathy’s “client presence” is also excellent, it just comes natural.

I would have her as my technician for sessions if we lived closer! I highly recommend her as a fully trained and qualified Rapid Eye Technician.

– Lynell Beckstrom,
Salem, OR
Master RET Trainer,
CADC 1 (Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselor)


February 2015

I’ve known Cathy for many years and we became reacquainted when she moved back from Kansas a few years ago.

I must admit I was more than a little skeptical when she explained to me what she was doing.

I trusted her enough, though, to let her help me with some pretty severe eye problems that I have been experiencing for a few years now.

I had seen three Specialists by the time I first started seeing Cathy.

I explained to her that the doctors were baffled by my condition and had tried a few types of treatments, including injections, but with no real success.

The only treatment they were offering at this point, and later, was a laser surgery that would leave me with a permanent blind spot in my left eye.

I didn’t love that option.

Cathy has been working with me for quite a while now.

My vision has improved immensely! I was seeing double and not able to drive at night and now have 20/30 corrected vision in my left eye.

I can now read without any difficulty and even use a computer without having to cover my left eye.

I’ve since been to two more Specialists with no success.

I contribute the improvement in my eyesight to the help I received from Cathy.

Thank you Cathy, you’re the best!!

Arthur Steinhauer

January 2015

Cathy is amazing! I met Cathy during a training program where I got to know of her very special gift of energy work.

I’ve had an increasing shoulder pain, much like dry joint, a sharp pain when moving my arm in a circular motion.

The pain in my shoulder had been there for months.

At the same time my spouse had been complaining of abdominal pains for the approximately four years.

She had been tested by our family doctor and found it was ulcers.

Prescribe medication didn’t work.

The pains persisted.

I had Cathy work on my shoulder and found a noticeable difference, where I could move and rotate my arm much better.

Cathy worked a little more with my spouse, and at first she didn’t notice any remarkable changes.

Then one day she commented, “She helped me! I haven’t felt that feeling in my stomach since she worked on me.”

To date my spouse is doing great after her ordeal of pain.

Thanks to Cathy for her empathy and gift.

Arthur and Verna


January 2015

Every time, and I mean every single time, I’d have Cathy work in our behalf for any individual of our family we would see positive outcomes no matter what the issue. We take responsibility for our personal health but when we get “stuck”, Cathy helps us move through that hard part and back to our own self care. Thank you, Cathy!


January 2015

I was referred to Cathy by a lady that I had been doing brain gym with.

I had a mini stroke in the early part of 2011.

I was having a lot of trouble with a lot of things that before the mini stroke I had no problem with like concentration, low energy and waiting for the next bad thing to happen.

The first time I went to Cathy’s home in Raymond and had my first session.

I understood about energy work because I had worked for a man that did touch for health so I decided to do the rest of the visits by just giving Cathy my permission.

I had a half hour session every two weeks.

The people I told thought I had lost my marbles how could it possibly work not being with her or on the phone.

But It works. Before long I was doing great and had joined the world of the living.

Thanks to Cathy and her gift I am doing great and have learned skills to use if something happens to throw me off.

Cathy is my ANGEL

Colleen Pilling

December 2014

I have been using the principles of the electromagnetic energy and the brain/body connection for many years.

I took 4 years of training in“Educational Kinesiology”, when I was known as Colleen Ockey, in order to help my son with his learning challenges beginning back in 1982.

Then I worked with others consulting with them and helping their children as well as parents and other adults for many years while living in Calgary, Alberta.

I also taught courses in this discipline and found help and healing for myself as well.

I had been suffering from depression and was experiencing many physical symptoms when I learned that long held emotional issues created energy blocks that caused these symptoms.

My first husband passed away in 2001 and 3 years later I married Wayne Pilling.

We have since moved to Raymond, Alberta and I have retired from my consulting business but have been going to Cathy Needham for my personal needs in this area.

My husband used Cathy’s services and found that she was able to help him as well.

When I notice a symptom, physical or emotional that I know she can help me with, I just contact her and she is able to find the cause and release the blocks.

I am so grateful to have her as a friend and consultant to improve my health and wellbeing.


December 2014

I met Cathy through my sister, they both thought I would be a good candidate for Cathy to use for her practicum.

I really liked Cathy and we got along great but I was a little skeptical so it took me about a year to contact her for my first real appointment.

After my first session, I was wondering what I could have been so worried about and wished I had seen her sooner!!

Cathy can work with you for stress, not sleeping, anxiety or any other issue you are worried about as well as letting your body guide your sessions as to what it feels needs to be worked on.

You really can feel your body ‘shift’ as she is releasing negative energy.

It is quite a phenomenal experience and I have always left Cathy feeling ‘lighter’ and more content.

I always tell people that Cathy does emotional acupuncture…that’s the best way for me to describe what she does.

I felt I benefited from my sessions so much that Cathy has worked on my husband and 3 children as well as referring numerous friends to her!!

Make an appointment with Cathy and begin your new journey!!


December 2014

When I first was introduced to Cathy and what she did, I truly was searching for answers in my own life to start my life-altering journey to my self awareness and how I could become a happier and more fulfilled person.

I knew I had a lot of emotional “baggage” that I was needing to clear up in my life in order to move forward to my better version of myself both physically and emotionally.

That is where my dear friend Cathy comes into play for me.

I knew that it was divine intervention that lead me to her and that I was to connect with her in such a way that allowed me to trust her enough to share my deepest part of me that I truly was trying to hide from the world.

But in order for me to benefit to the max with what Cathy offered, I had to trust her enough to allow her into my thoughts and feelings.

It was one of the best moves I have every done as she has truly unleashed a lot of that negative attached emotions that I held onto from before I was even born!

I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Cathy and seen the results I have from this wonderful and gifted woman.

I would and still do, highly recommend Cathy to anyone that is wanting to change their life for the better!


December 2014

I met Cathy years ago through a mutual friend.

Our friend believed that Cathy could help myself and my family.

I was Cathy’s first client.

My work with Cathy has been an amazing experience.

My daughter had scoliosis and through Cathy’s work she no longer needs surgery to correct her curvature.

She has worked on my other children and has helped them with anxiety, nightmares, stomachaches, sleep issues, you name it I’ve asked her to work on it and it has been resolved.

Cathy’s work has progressed to something extraordinary, I believe she is truly blessed and is given a talent to be used to help others.

Trying to explain what Cathy does is difficult.

I have referred numerous people to Cathy over the years, trying to explain what Cathy does has been difficult, there is no easy way to explain it.

I believe if you were looking for a changes in your life, your family’s lives, Cathy is the person to aid you with making these changes through her energy work.

Because it cannot easily be explained does not mean it does not work, it means you have to take a leap of faith and believe in the work and not necessarily have to understand how it works.

The results are the proof and the results are amazing.

My process can be thought of as an onion, we peel away one layer at a time.

It’s been an incredible journey through the joy, tears, fear, anger, lightness, calm and incredible feelings of love. I am so grateful and blessed to call Cathy a dear friend who I cherish deeply. She brings great joy to my life.

I am so blessed!

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